Core Members

FOUND is looking to gather about 8 hardworking folks to meet for a bi-weekly coffee to keep the project thriving. Specifically, we are looking for people with:

  • PEOPLE SKILLS: to create and continue partnerships with other awesome local groups
  • RESEARCH SMARTS: to gather data on the local edible species in our region to contribute towards our Edible Species Compendium & Map
  • WRITING CHOPS: to create info sheets for our local species, including how to harvest, prep, and eat them
  • MONEY MASTERY: to advise on financial matters

FOUND strongly believes in skill-building, and our goal with volunteers is to provide an environment in which existing skills are utilized and valued but also where new skills can be developed.

Do you want to boost your project management abilities? GPS knowledge? Communications and PR skills? We work with you to identify your interests and goals in order to make your time with FOUND as fulfilling as possible.