How to get involved as a farmer

Why support FOUND?

All too often produce gets left behind on the farm either because it is considered ‘imperfect’, it was overlooked during harvest, or the capacity to harvest it was lacking. Either way, we want to harvest it for you. By allowing us to harvest your ‘leftover’ produce you can reduce food waste in Nova Scotia and benefit local food banks and shelters.

What happens to the food after it is harvested?

(1) A portion of the food goes to local food banks and shelters

(2) The leftover fresh produce gets sold to retailers, restaurants, and cafes as ‘imperfect food’

(3) The overripe food gets preserved by canning, flash freezing, and dehydrating and then sold to the community at markets and small local shops

Logistics: food pickup

Volunteers with FOUND can pickup food on your farm, or meet you at a farmers’ market or local meeting space. Your participation with FOUND will help put healthy, local food onto more plates, reduce food waste, and contribute to a strong sense of local community.

Help reduce food waste in Nova Scotia!